Winter is coming….

The winter season definitely has its charms, because we look for the warmth and cosiness and enjoy the snow and ice fun. But unfortunately this period also has a disadvantage … We are getting a cold, our resistance is declining. Cough, sore throat, mucus formation, Asmatic attacks, tickling cough, runny nose, are all complaints that will play this period more often.

Pei Pa Kao is an excellent solution for this.

Pei Pa Koa

Pei pa Koa is a centuries-old preserved Chinese recipe, consisting of 15 natural ingredients.

Each ingredient has its own unique effect, which makes this syrup a beneficial remedy for ‘winter ailments’. Also very good to use to maintain resistance, to prevent ailments preventively. The taste is pleasantly soft. Can be used both diluted and undiluted, and suitable for young and old.

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