Did you know that…
Morningstar, the best selling incense for everyday use in the world. Morning Star incense was established in Japan and is more than 50 years, the delicious smells. These powerful scents are blended with high quality ingredients such as pure flower essences and resins of aromatic woods.
  Morningstar is perfect for when you want to relax or to use in a meditation like to create a relaxed atmosphere for prayer or yoga.
  Incense sticks are delivered in a small box with 50 sticks. Morningstar sticks have no bamboo core, which means there is no wood fragrance is released when burning, so you can experience the real scent of incense.
– No bamboo core, clean burning, pure fragrance
– Box is equipped with a ceramic tile burner
– Perfect for “everyday” incense
– For meditation, relaxation, reading, listening to music, peace of mind
– Very little smoke when burning