In the webshop of The Oriental Shop, payment is safe and easy. To process the payment we ask for some information. This data is kept very confidential and your privacy is optimally protected. Safety comes first and is certainly not difficult. You will be automatically guided through the four steps of the payment process: First, we ask you to enter your personal details. These are important for the final payment. You can then choose whether the order should be delivered to your home or delivered to another address. After that you will get an overview of the item you want to buy, the price, your data and the delivery address (if applicable). If all information is correct, you can pay by credit card or iDEAL. In both cases, you will go to a secure link, so your privacy is guaranteed. Once you pay, the order will actually be shipped. On the screen you will again see an overview of the order. You can print this for your own administration. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with all order information. If you select the option “Pay by bank transfer” the account number will be displayed automatically. Do you have anymore questions? Mail: [email protected] or call 0857732082