A long time people eat in China and Japan (and other Asian countries) with chopsticks. There used to be cooked in large pots. Those pots held heat-resistant for a long time. People still wanted twigs broke off a bite in order to fish a piece of food from the pot. This has gradually changed into a convenient way of eating with two sticks in one hand.

Asian people were already used to cut all the food into small pieces (before it goes into the pan). Those small pieces cook faster and saving energy again. Because everything was already in pre-cut, there was no table knife more nodig.Bovendien was a knife given as a weapon and weapons do not belong at the table! Chopsticks were therefore the cutlery.

Chinese people believe that if you eat with chopsticks, you better meal comes into its own. If you eat with chopsticks comes with every bite much oxygen. This is your taste for good: you will taste more and more what you eat. This is also the reason why many Asians extended their soup to slurp inside. Finally, it is aimed at improving the taste!

The chopsticks are made from different materials. But most chopsticks are made of wood and intended for a single use. Japan alone consumes annually 25 billion disposable chopsticks made of wood. Not so good for the environment … Japanese are also invited to use chopsticks from a different material that simply washing his. China raises since 2006 5% tax on wooden chopsticks to minimize the use of disposable wooden chopsticks.

Fortunately Orie Natal shop offers many different kinds of sticks that are all suitable for reuse!

We also have special terminals where you can place your chopsticks so you can eat better because the sticks stay together. This is ideal for kids!