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An oil, according to an old recipe, which was discovered in 1923 by a Chinese doctor, who was engaged in the treatment of pain, by using the bark of the wintergreen tree, which contains the substance salicylate, he put together a great recipe which very powerful and works well for pain relief. Whether it’s a headache, tennis elbow or a mouse arm, Shiling Oil soothes and heals the condition in many cases. A highly concentrated oil consisting of 6 ingredients, which are prepared with the greatest possible care to this formula. Also a good oil to steam with clogged cavities and nose. The oil, which can also be used in combination with a neutral massage oil, is also very nice to use before and after exercise against sports muscle pains.

In short, Shiling Oil is a powerful natural product, which can prove its service to you in the event of many inconveniences.

Only suitable for external use.
Not suitable for small children.
Do not apply to irritated skin.



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