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Blue / White Mug Set – Flora Japonica – Set of 4 – 6,7 x 7,7 cm 170 ml


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Available on 15-12-2019

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Weight 914 g
Dimensions 6 × 7 cm
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The Flora Japonica collection was inspired by Dutch botanists who brought new plant species to Japan centuries ago. It’s about exploring and admiring Japanese flowers. National treasures such as the maple leaf, the heart-shaped katsura, the beautiful white pines and one of the oldest stones in the world, the ginkgo biloba, have found a place in our collection. Among the beautiful trees of Japan you will find another Japanese phenomenon: the dancing cranes. Do you share our love for Japanese nature? The creative cross-fertilization between Japan and the Netherlands dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Netherlands imported porcelain from the Orient. The Dutch have developed Delft Blue, which became so popular over time that their own artistic interpretations returned from Japan. With the Tokyo Design Studio, we celebrate these intercultural collaborations from the past and add a new chapter, adding a unique European touch to traditional Japanese pattern and tableware design. Most of our products are made in Japan using a traditional method that has been perfected over the last 400 years. Our products are baked twice, then each one-colored, glazed, etc. prepared and baked again. Throughout the process, every Tokyo Design Studio product undergoes meticulous quality control. Our collection consists of plates, bowls and cups in different sizes. Each product is dishwasher safe and safe to handle.



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