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SakeSakeTARU-01 72L Barrel Goshiki Ceremony Set with Hammer and Ladle

TARU-01 72L Barrel Goshiki Ceremony Set with Hammer and Ladle

The kagami-biraki ceremony is said that it comes from a different kind of kagami-mochi biraki with soft round rice cakes, are used. This ceremony was performed to commemorate the first day of the new year or the beginning of certain events. In the past sacrificed samurai households with a stack of New Year mochi to the gods to depict the kagami. On January 1, the mochi pieces were cut and eaten to mimic the biraki or "opening". Today put on hold most households and offices this custom alive by Kagami-mochi their kamidana (a small Shinto altar) with New Year. Both types kagami-biraki - breaking open a cask of sake during Shinto Celebrations and cutting kagami-mochi - a way to ask the gods for good health and happiness at specific times during the year, such as New Year, birth or starting a new business. Kagami-biraki is an increasingly popular way to housewarming parties, corporate events, listen on weddings and other celebrations.

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