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KitchenProfessional kitchenHot-Cabi Towel Warmer 70pcs

Hot Cabi Towel Warmer 30pcs

Warm towels are a delight for every customer. For guests in a catering business to beauty salons.

A towel warmer is a device to bring towels warm.

Before you heat the towels get them wet in a bowl or sink. To your customers just to offer extras you may choose to add a fragrant oil on the water, so that the towels will smell delicious. Then roll the wipes and place them one by one on the shelves. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes before they are completely warmed up. After warming up your empty the receptacle containing the released moisture underneath the towel warmer.

* In addition to warm towels you can do more with the towel warmer. Have you ever thought to put your stones for hot stone massage in the machine? Wrap the bricks in a cloth so you do not burn your hands can hold the stones from the device. then check the temperature of the stone before use. Something to warm? Immerse briefly in cold water!

Also oils can be warmer places in the towel. In general, that bottle and all, but watch out with plastic! Some types of plastic by the heat affect the quality of the oil.

This warmer is suitable for 30-40 towels.

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