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LivingKidsCat Mug Blue

1 recensie

Lucky Cat Cup with a lid.

* Dishwasher

The lucky cat is one of the most common talismans in Japan. The original Japanese name is Maneki Neko, which literally means "beckoning cat". Happiness Kittens lift their left leg, right leg, or sometimes both.
In general, the view that the raised left paw customers touts while swaying right paw brings good luck and wealth. Kittens luck with a wave of the left leg are also placed at the entrance of pubs and their mirror image in stores. The higher the raised paw, the greater the happiness.
Happiness Kittens usually wear a collar with a bell and a bib around their neck, an imitation of the gear of cats in wealthy households during the Japanese EDO period (1603-1868). Some models take a solid currency, called a koban. imagines that great wealth.

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Cat Mug Blue

Recensie (1)

  • Just love this mug. It is very cute!

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