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BlogWhat is a Bento Box?

 What is a bento box?

Bento boxes are Japanese lunch boxes. Typically, a Bento-box into several compartments and / or layers has been divided to separate certain flavors of the food goods. In addition, the layers are often held together by an elastic band. Previously bento boxes were mainly made of bamboo or (painted) timber. Nowadays, they are usually made of plastic or stainless steel.

What is a bento meal?

Typical ingredients for traditional Japanese bento meals are rice, meat, fish, vegetables and pickles. You can also just as bread, pasta, fruit and snacks do in your bento box. There are enthusiasts who are making bento meals take very seriously. One can spend hours on the presentation of a bento. Making all kinds of detailed figures with food, for example, based on anime, cartoon characters and pop culture, as it were, into an art. Japanese mothers seem even to have a mutual competition after who has made the most impressive Bento box!
In the Netherlands and Bento Lunch boxes are also becoming more popular, and that has to do with the awareness of foodstuffs. Parents give their children in addition to the normal sandwich increasingly healthy salad or pasta with raw costs to school. In addition, a beautiful presentation also a very good motivation to get the kids to eat!
The Oriental Shop has convenient Bento's plastic, dishwasher which are suitable for children! In addition, various Luxury Bento boxes available from paintwork.
In order to make Bento's nice there are several toothpicks and silly little available in different colors!
* Tip example fun molds for eggs (heart, star, kitten)!
The Bento boxes can be found under the category of "kitchen".
The Oriental Shop wish you much pleasure in making it and giving you Bento box.

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