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BlogNutrition Trends 2016

 Nutrition Trends 2016. What will we eat in 2016?

The keyword for the food trends for 2016; green! Vegetables are in, bright green tea is super popular and our 'green guilt' is increasingly playing on.

It is that time again. The end of the year is approaching and that means it's time for trend forecasting. What are we going to wear? How do we start to prepare us? But also: what will we eat? Just as in the mode, there are also in the area of ​​the power supply always changes and shifts. Of course it is not said that you need to follow these trends, but maybe they can enrich your diet daily. Let's see what we can expect for 2016.

It is the year of the vegetables

In recent years there has been a lot to do to "obesity (overweight) and this subject is at present (especially in America) will get back in the spotlight. It is therefore not surprising that there is again increasing focus on vegetables. They are upgraded in 2016 from side dish to main course. And we're always creative with it. So creative that we neither fish nor fowl will miss.

Other protein sources and if there is less meat on the table, then get there, of course, other protein sources instead. It is expected that in the year 2016 foods like eggs, tofu and legumes and seeds popular wiorden.

Less red meat, more chicken more vegetables so, but a piece of meat can certainly still. The expectation is here that there is a slight shift will come out of red meat to chicken. The condition is that the chicken is high quality. We give loved some more euros out for. Rather less often a piece of chicken, but if we then eat, then it must be good too. Flop Chickens are from organic chicken is.

Fruit Desserts Red meat or chicken, whatever it may be, the focus is as we said, especially the vegetables. A new trend is based desserts vegetables. How about uienijs (we have already eaten, and believe us, it tastes delicious!)? Or a celery sorbet? Or do you prefer avocado mousse with chocolate? Basilicumijs we already knew but there is in the fruit desserts remains to be done. Perhaps the tastiest dessert is still prepared with green tea. For that The Oriental Shop in addition to various types of green tea Green tea powder and ice tea powder which you can vary endlessly in the kitchen. The Internet is full of the most delicious recipes based on this healthy green tea powder!

The blurring of the seasons Fruits and vegetables are becoming less seasonal, and also we are increasingly food products out of season. A good example is the pumpkin that was previously only offered around Halloween. Now lie the pumpkins just about all year round in the shop and we expect to increasingly this fruit in other dishes - such as a summer salad - going process.

Not a vegetarian but flexitarïer with vegetables as a starting point and meat on a much less important so we go short, increasingly see "flexitariërs. Flexitariërs flexitarisch follow a diet that is based on more vegetables and less meat. It is a healthy way of eating which, however, does not prohibit us to our car now and then a piece of meat.

Exotic flavors from Asia. Time to update our dictionary We Looked up a few years ago to comfort food from our own traditional cuisine, this year we broaden our horizons. Especially the Asian cuisines are popular. The number of Asian fast food shops is increasing rapidly and is becoming increasingly popular. Sushi and wakamesalades have been established, but we will have to expand our dictionary of new words like eg kimchee (or kimchi), a traditional dish in Korean cuisine (which Korea is currently a source of trends, we're two words explain 'Gangnam Style'). Even our Japanese we "polish" with words like yuzukoshi, a fermented paste with chili peppers and miso base for Japanese miso soup.

Healthier drinks back to the Western world. We thought all the time that a smoothie was equivalent to two to five servings of vegetables that we should consume daily, then now is the time to come back to it. Studies have shown that such a 'cup healthy "often contain more sugar than is good for us and the concentration of fruit often disappointing. There's nothing like fresh-squeezed orange juice!

Mint tea for matcha tea mint tea craze we have now had. The drink will be on the menu, but getting strong competition from green tea. Green tea is an excellent antioxidant but also appears to boost metabolism (fat burning!). Tea is. Not only as a drink but also increasingly as an ingredient in other foods. Totally is emerging "matcha" green tea powder from Japan. A dash of milk, and you have a drink that can compete with the classic chocolate. And what about a Matcha cappuccino? Furthermore, we will increasingly see the bright green powder as an ingredient in dishes and even cocktails. So we arrived macarons Matcha, Matcha and Matcha chocolate cake against. We offer several programs to thhe green tea powder where you endlessly vary with kunnt in the kitchen. The powders are gebruoiken in cake, ice cream and cakes, but also shake and pastas!

Finally, green guilt!

Finally, we call a trend that is mentioned in the American corridors or 'green guilt'. Still we throw away a lot of food daily. With famines in other parts of the world and the crisis in our own country we feel increasingly guilty about that. Time to do something! Let's make this year even a trend PUTTING by careful with food to go. Get rid of 'green guilt'! Make a tasty soup of vegetables you waste by cooking with water after boiling to do with a big scoop of miso paste. Delicious and healthy!

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