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BlogGreen tea is healthy

 Green tea is healthy!

Green tea has many benefits for our health. The'm not drunk anything for thousands of years in Japan and China. Here a number of advantages.

1. Healthy teeth and fresh breath

A beautiful and healthy teeth you maintain by drinking green tea. This kind of tea helps prevent cavities and plaque. It also makes straight for fresh breath! And you have to admit that we all want?

2. A beautiful, healthy skin

Green tea helps to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. The many antioxidants in the tea ensure that DNA damage is repaired in your skin. Do you suffer from eyestrain? Lay then cooled green tea bags on your eyes! They'll really refurbishing.

3. Avoid high blood pressure

The delicious green tea can help to prevent high blood pressure.

4. Decrease the bad cholesterol

High cholesterol is a risk for cardiovascular disease. Green tea helps you to reduce cholesterol levels in your blood.

5. Tea helps with weight loss!

If you want to lose some weight, it's not a luxury to add green tea to your diet. Namely the tea has a positive effect on burning fat in your body.

6. Diabetes

If you have diabetes, green tea is good for you. This fact helps to stabilize blood sugar. Of course you should not make the tea sweetened with sugar, honey or other sweeteners.

7. Strong bones

Keep your bones strong and healthy by drinking tea!

So ... we drink a little tea?
Your body is green tea good use! Green tea is healthy! It is not necessary to drink abnormal amounts of tea. 3 to 6 cups of tea per day is enough to fully enjoy the health benefits.

Green tea in the food

Did you know you can get more with green tea leaves than tea? They can be processed into ice cream or you can use the leaves for seasoning your supper! If herb fits particularly well, for example salmon. Let the tea bag than just cook it with fish sauce and you have a delicious seasoned, super healthy fish!

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